Nanny Cay has a charming hotel nestled in a tropical oasis garden setting in the heart of Tortola’s favorite marina. The beautiful hotel rooms has 52 rooms with views of our picturesque marina or tropical gardens. The new Seaview wing with Superior rooms on the ground and first floors and Premium rooms on the top floor, each room has over 400 square feet of cool interior space and breezy balcony with views over the Sir Francis Drake Channel and outer marina.

Each room has been finished to a four star standard in a relaxing coastal decor with two queen beds, comfortable sofas, in-room WiFi and TVs. There is an elevator for guests to access the higher floors, and a walkway connecting the new buildings to the existing reception area.

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Hotel and Event Packages are single occupancy or double occupancy. Option to pay in full or in 3 installments. By purchasing a travel package for Summer Sizzle BVI 2022, you understand and accept the terms of our refund policy.

Deluxe Queen Room

Single Occupancy

Rate: $1,950

Double Occupancy

Rate: $3,000

Premium Queen Room

Single Occupancy

Rate: $2,500

Double Occupancy

Rate: $3,500

Refund Policy
  • Hotel and Event Packages are refundable if you tested positive for covid19. Traveler must submit proof of results.

  • Hotel and Event Packages are refundable if BVI is closed due to covid restrictions which is beyond our control.

  • Traveler is responsible for covid tests and BVI travel fees.

  • If you test positive prior to your return from BVI to US, you are responsible for your additional travel expenses.

  • All travelers are required to have travel insurance.

Travel Insurance

If you need travel insurance please click here for a quote/application. Select ‘Travel Plans’ (top left), then option ‘Liaison Travel PLUS/individual’