Zillah Duzon Hazel

Zillah Duzon Hazel is a fashion designer, surface pattern designer, mural Artist, wife, mother and entrepreneur. She hails from the beautiful and unique Island of St. Maarten that is shared by both the Dutch and French.

At an early age of five, Zillah knew she would one day become a fashion designer, and after following the Design & Styling program at the Amsterdam Fashion institute she officially launched her women’s clothing brand, in the Netherlands, called “Jolie Duzon” on April 6, 2013.

The unique aspect of Zillah’s fashion creations are her eye-catching, bold, colorful prints which are first hand-painted, then digitized and finally printed on various types of fabrics to create attention-grabbing clothing designs.

Her inspiration is drawn from the island St. Maarten and its beautiful surroundings, the nature, the climate, the lifestyle, colors and landscapes are all inspirations for her and can be seen in the prints and patterns she creates.

The “Jolie Duzon” brand is an expression of Zillah’s creative mind translated into beautiful clothing and accessories.

Jolie Duzon was created for women who are not afraid to stand out, confident women, leading women, passionate women and women who LOVE LIFE.

Get Ready to “LIVE LIFE BOLDLY” in Jolie Duzon.