Sai Sankoh

Sai Sankoh wears many hats: designer, media influencer, businesswoman—but no matter what she’s doing, fashion and technology are at the core. She is driven by how we can harness fashion and technology to empower women and change the world.

Sankoh’s serial entrepreneur spirit started early. Growing up in Kono, a mining town in Sierra Leone, Sankoh was inspired by women and men alike, who despite incredible challenges, launched businesses out of nothing. With sheer grit, focus and passion, Sankoh founded “Because I am Fabulous”, an umbrella with a variety of digital platforms focusing on fashion, travel, and media with the ambitious idea of one day expanding into physical brands— African Luxury Magazine to highlight the glitz and glamour of Africa, a portfolio media company BIAF Media with brands like Lustfab, a marketplace that aggregates shopping/clothing suggested location od travel, Luxury Checkout, an aggregate platform , L homme Fab for all things male and masculine, and My Lux Baby which aims to be a one-stop shop for moms to shop everything for their little princes and princesses.

Building on her experience as a stylist and data collected from the platforms, in 2018, Sankoh launched her namesake brand, Sai Sankoh, a direct-to-consumer brand. Sankoh believed that style should be effortless and impeccable and not limiting or uncomfortable. So, she launched the brand with a mission to provide the modern women with well-edited, effortless and versatile pieces that women can take from the boardroom to the beach.

When she is not fashioning the tech industry and making her mark, you can find her exploring the world and working on her non-profit, the Musu Kere Foundation, which aims to provide education and create job opportunities and employment for the youth in Sierra Leone.

Sankoh has been covered by countless international fashion and business media such as Vogue Italia, Essence, The Atlantic, Gawker, WWD, Ebony, Refinery29, NYTimes, Allure and many more.