Paulette Cleghorn

Yumi Katsura Couture
Paulette Cleghorn, Creative Director

Since 2010, Ms Cleghorn has served as the creative director for Yumi Katsura Couture and previously as Head of Strategic Alliances and North American expansion to the legendary designer since 2007. In this role, Ms. Cleghorn sets the unified seasonal design aesthetic, direction, and product designs including fabrics, and color palettes, for the categories that she oversees.

For the the past 10 years, Ms. Cleghorn’s design philosophy has been based on the idea of modern classics with an appreciation of the form, function, and beauty of the past. She tends to focus on designing pieces that are current and relevant, while creating a balance between designs that are meaningful, functional and beautiful.

Yumi Katsura is celebrated worldwide for her ability to combine the kimono traditions and Japanese ancient craftsmanship with sophisticated couture craftsmanship and modern patterns of the West. Known for her extravagant designs with luxe touches, the Yuzen collection from Yumi Katsura is perfectly in step with the designer’s renowned aesthetic. Incorporating traditional Japanese art and embroidered embellishments, Yumi carries on the rich and elegant style she is known for while utilizing modern and classic silhouettes. With designs for the fashionable woman who wants to standout , The Yumi Katsura “Yuzen” collection marries the designer’s love of glam with a passion for infusing Japanese culture and art into everyday life and creating styles that are perfectly suited for leaving a mark. Katsura is one of Japan’s and the world’s most prolific design houses, whose wedding dresses and couture creations are considered modern masterpieces.