Khangle is a fashion designer based in Upstate NY. He launched his inaugural brand in 2014 and is a renowned runway director, fashion show executive producer and elite model coordinator. His iconic designs embody unique, avant-garde styles that are creative, futuristic and elegant. Khangle believes that the runway exemplifies performance art which brings the couture to life. He manages and trains his top model team, #TeamKhangle, using various personalized techniques in order to maximize their skills on the runway and in the fashion industry.

Moreover, Khangle was the lead designer at Vietnam International Fashion Week. He has participated, directed and produced many fashion runway events, which include: Syracuse Fashion Week, Rochester Fashion Week, NYFW, Philadelphia Fashion Week, Atlanta Fashion Week, and Stitched Fashion. He is also the executive producer for various beauty pageants across the country at the MGM Casino, Turning Stone Casino, Live Casino, Harrah’s Casino and Niagara Falls Casino. He is currently the Creative Director of the Golden World LLC, which hosts Ms. Golden World beauty pageant shows across the globe.

Khangle’s cutting-edge editorial work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine as well as the front covers of many other publications, like MALVIE Magazine, ELEGANT Magazine, Lucy’s Magazine, Gmaro Magazine and Faddy Magazine.