Amanda Maria

Amanda Maria is timeless, comfortable, luxurious. Founded in 2014 Amanda Maria launched into her brand after graduating from design school. Amanda Maria designs with comfort in mind first and foremost. With her elevated basics selections, timeless everyday and chic formal attire the brand has quickly gained international recognition. Her minimal yet unique style is easy to wear, timeless and so effortlessly sexy. Amanda Maria is in product development for Fall/Winter 2020 where she will design a minimum of 50% of the collection and 90% of its packaging materials in sustainable, Ecofriendly textiles and materials. This has always been a long term goal of Amanda’s by 2021 she aims to have the entire collection in Eco- friendly textiles. Being very meticulous in fabric selection, every design is top quality fabrics paired with style and comfortable fit. Although comfort is important for Amanda Maria and her clients, style is never jeopardized thus creating your “go to” pieces for all occasions. Feeling relaxed and elegant is easily achieved when your favorite fashion forward pieces are also your most comfortable.

“So you not only look your best, you feel your best. That’s what is important.”