Alexia Penn

Alexia Penn is an 18 year old Virgin Islander who strives for educational excellence and has always had a deep love and passion for the arts. Her passion for the arts, which transcends through many genres including dance, music, and visual art, was undoubtedly inspired by her two grandmothers – both of whom are skilled craftswomen. Alexia’s artistic talent blossomed in highschool and today she uses her skills to create beautiful art with paint and other mixed media. Her art reflects and is inspired by who she is, what she believes in, and the natural beauty of the Virgin Islands.

As a young college student, Alexia aspires to become a chemical and environmental engineer who uses her passion for art to impact the world in a positive way. And already, Alexia has begun using her talents and skills to do so. She has had the opportunity to dance in many local events and productions, volunteer with local nonprofits like Art Without Limits (AWOL), work at one of the BVI’s first mangrove nurseries, and to display, share and sell her art at various local events. Alexia is now very honored to be apart of an exciting collaboration that transforms her art from canvas to fashion.